USabcd – Bedside Ultrasound: heart, lung and vascular access, the basics

This course isn’t just a taster. The thorough pre-course e-learning will prepare the doctor for the predominantly hands–on training during Doctors Updates conference. Each section is lead by an experienced teacher. The course is aimed at any doctor who needs relevant clinical information in a timely fashion so that intervention is safe and not delayed.

  1. Basic theory and equipment
  2. Echo: recognise LV and RV dysfunction, hypovolaemia/hypervolaemia, pericardial effusion
  3. Ultrasound of the lungs to recognise pleural effusion and pneumothorax
  4. Ultrasound for central venous catheters and arterial lines

Candidates on completion will be able to start gaining clinical experience having climbed the steepest part of the learning curve. They will also receive a certificate from Doctors Updates/USabcd. Candidates can claim at least 2 extra CPD points approved by the RCoA for the e-learning component.

To access the e-learning in advance of the course, create an account on and register with the code provided to you by Doctors Updates.

USabcd creates e-learning in point-of-care ultrasound. Their vision is to make point-of-care ultrasound training more accessible worldwide. The e-learning is used by major hospitals, leading societies and medical schools in 25 countries.

This popular, certified course, which will attract a small additional fee will run during the course of the Val d’Isere 2017 conference.

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