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Winter Sports. Winter sports activities away from home need specific winter sports travel insurance cover but even if you have one already included in your policy, you are strongly advised to ensure that your chosen sport is one of the sports that are covered. You might be covered for skiing, for example but not for mountain climbing or riding a snowmobile. Also, an injury sustained while skiing off piste without a licensed guide is usually excluded from a standard winter sports insurance cover. Please note there is a popular misconception about Carré Neige insurance (purchased with the lift pass), or its annual equivalent, Carte Neige (“snow card/pass”). Carré/Carte Neige is not a full winter sports insurance policy and cannot be applied as substitute for proper winter sports insurance cover. Carré/Carte Neige is a top-up cover designed to act in tandem with your state, private or indeed winter sports travel insurance. Carré/Carte Neige covers you for transport off the mountain only, be it on or off piste, and you will be dropped off at the nearest doctor’s surgery or hospital. That is all. From this point onwards your Carré/Carte Neige is of not much help to you.
Publication of Photographs. Doctorsupdates Ltd shall not be held liable for any loss or damage, consequential or economic, howsoever arising out of publication on this website and/or in the Doctorsupdates Ltd printed brochure of photographs taken during the professional and/or extra-curriculum activities and featuring the conference participants, their guests and/or accompanying persons. By participating in the Conference and the associated activities you, the participant, your guests and/or accompanying persons expressly consent to the publication of photographs taken during the said activities.

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